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    a51561e0 Bonjour à tous et bonne rentrée si c’est le cas, Deux précisions tout dÂa¢Â™Âbord :À Les commentaires ne sont pas apparus chez moi dans l’ordre de leur publication (je ne sais pas pourquoi), alors je ne réponds pas dans la chronologie… Il y a par ailleurs deux Vincent qui répondent à ce fil, Olivier Berruyer n’a pas conservé mon nom pour l’article, alors disons que je suis « Vincent M. » 347a945

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  3. Aline comentou em 19 de novembro de 2009 às 17:34. Oi Julia! Te vi no Jô e super me identifiquei com vc; Resolvi vir aqui e ver o vídeo que vc ensina passar creme… Adorei tudo! Super dicas, principalmente a da toalha, já estou pondo em prática e vejo resultados, por isso vim aqui pedir pra que, se vc puder, deixar um manual para cuidar da pele do corpo- quais produtos vc usa e se tbm tem algum outro (s) truque para cuidar do corpo, please?!Beijão e obrigada!

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  9. Thank you, Maeg!The power was out here for four days, but I was at a conference in NYC for two of them, and there was no shortage of electricity there! The other two days I did my best to enjoy a little “Thoreau” experience. 🙂 Sometimes it is nice to step outside of one’s ordinary routines, even if it is enforced by some external event like a power outage.Good luck at the Twist Fair. I have a complicated schedule these next few days, but I’m going to try to stop by. Look forward to seeing some of your new work!

  10. curioso / vcs acham q ele se sacrifica pela “humanidade”? é só mais um macho pervertido q prefere ser devorado do que ser um virgem. rsrsrsGostei deste comentário ou não: 4

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