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Online scheduling and appointment management with Appointments On Time (AOT).

As the medical industry adapts and conforms to current geopolitical and demographic landscapes, traditional post care scheduling is evolving from the provider’s responsibility to that of the patient. The need to accommodate multiple schedules and providers along with everyday life often leaves the patient overwhelmed – resulting in missed treatments, higher medical expenses and longer recovery times.

Appointments On Time Runs On Any Modern Internet Connected DeviceAppointments On Time (AOT) eases the burden of post care scheduling by bridging the gap between the patient and provider. This convenient time saving, cloud based application allows patients to connect with providers and schedule stress free appointments from one central online destination. We have an aging population that is living longer and requiring more cost effective management which many times involves the patient’s care giver and/or representative. Healthcare is pushing the patient health management to the patient’s network of support made up of a variety of care givers or primary care givers.

The AOT system saves time by getting the right resources at the right time in the right setting with optimal results. All appointment creations, modifications and cancellations are updated in real time. Both patient and health care provider can be automatically notified of schedule changes via SMS and/or email. We are in the midst of a revolutionary change in health care. Appointments On Time has the solution to help people take control of their own health and follow their provider’s wellness plan.

AOT’s Patient Functionality:

  • Patients can search and schedule appointments with a participating health providers within seconds and filter their search results by medical organization, service type, a doctor’s name, place or type of visit.
  • Patients can login to the system via their Facebook credentials or by creating an AOT account.
  • Patients can save all of their personal information including username and password details, notification preferences and household information. These details are saved for the patient’s convenience when scheduling a new appointment.
  • Patients can quickly view – and if needed – edit their upcoming appointments by using their personal calendar, save organization or a doctor as a “favorite” (thus bypassing the need to search), and quickly book an exact repeat of an appointment with two clicks.
  • Patients can sync their appointments to other 3rd party calendar programs like Google Calendar, Outlook, and iCal.

AOT’s Medical Staff Functionality:

  • Medical staff can quickly assess how many appointments they have for the day, the upcoming week, total upcoming and YTD via the work dashboard.
  • Medical staff and doctors can easily manage their schedules and appointments via the booking calendar. The booking calendar is very user friendly: Features include drag and drop appointment blocks, double clicking to get full appointment details and the ability to quickly edit an appointment’s time by expanding the appointment block.
  • All appointment activity in AOT occurs in real time and patients as well as providers (medical staff ) are immediately notified of appointment creations or modification via an email and/or text message.
  • Medical staff can easily manage their customers with full patient profiles that auto-populate (if the patient scheduled an appointment over the internet) and allow the medical staff to retain notes and patient images (i.e. before and after visit pictures).
  • Medical staff using AOT have tremendous flexibility in how their organization is configured – including unique settings for individual locations, services, calendars, schedule templates, staffing and more.
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