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Tools for Employee Wellness provided by BettrLife

BettrLife is an nutrition focused technology solution that allows individuals to take control their long-term health and lifestyle management through planning and logging of food and activity. Their  two-way health coaching platform facilitates engagement directly with care providers to ensure long lasting behavioral change that improves health, while lowering costs.

Patient Tools

  • Real-time, simplified logging of food and activity
  • Analysis of nutritional content for any food, recipe or meal
  • On-demand access to customized food plans that meet lifestyle preferences
  • Mobile technology for anytime, anywhere access
  • Direct coaching from care providers
Provider Tools

  • Remote health coaching to advise, plan and monitor patients’ nutrition and activity choices
  • Secure two-way messaging for enhanced communication (HIPAA compliant)
  • Management of patient groups based on condition, allergy, health outcomes or other criteria
  • Complements existing EHRs with optional integration to systems

BetterLife is adaptive and works with your current systems

  • Modular Design — Operates independently or in conjunction with your EHR. Our developers can create customized, secure data transfer to your patient systems.
  • Device integration — Open application interfaces allow for data synchronization from medical devices and activity trackers, helping patients easily monitor biometrics:

BettrLife works with JawboneBettrLife works with fitbugBettrLife works with WithingsBettrLife works with fitbit

  • Interactive collaboration — Integrates into established workflow by communicating with patients and monitoring their lifestyle and environment outside the office visit through population management and HIPAA-compliant messaging.
  • Patient engagement — Our ‘smart’ logging technology utilizes computer learning to understand individual consumption patterns making it easy and convergent to quickly log a full day’s food and activity

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