THI utilizes experts from many different disciplines of technology. Learn more about the companies we partner with to create these exceptional solutions by clicking on their logos or the “Learn More” link next to each listing.

Appointment Management and Online Scheduling Solutions:




Appointments On Time (AOT)

Every patient episode begins with an initial appointment and results in the need for follow on appointments with specialists and other departments or organizations within a patient’s healthcare delivery community.  The appointment process remains a largely manual and fragmented endeavor that cannot be fully facilitated by the patient’s primary care physician or the patients assigned care giver.

Multiple phone calls, calendars, missed appointments, long waits for an appointment or in a Dr’s office lead to higher costs, greater frustration for both physician and patient and less than optimal patient outcomes.  AOT offers a platform on which to build a single point of managing the entire patient health life cycle from beginning to end, greatly reducing, cost, frustration for patients, care providers and patients and improving outcomes.

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Remote Monitoring and Viewing Solutions:




AMD Global Telemedicine

AMD Global Telemedicine provides clinical Telemedicine Encounter Management Solutions (TEMS)™ that connect a patient with a remote healthcare provider. Our products include telemedicine carts, telemedicine software and specialized medical devices needed to perform a clinical patient exam. All of AMD solutions can be customized to best suite your specific application requirements.

By combining AMD’s extensive list of systems, devices, and software with our other medical solutions, THI can take your clinic solution mobile via 3/4G and place it into the hands of your clinicians via their smart devices and tablets.

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JEMS Technology

JEMS is the only live video to smart device via 3G/4G.  Simply put, this means that JEMS can operate over the narrowest possible bandwidth with unmatched resolution and the ability to view fine details that are not possible using any other video systems.  With the ability to send or receive video over 3G/4G your clinicians can be completely untethered and able to reach patients over the nation’s largest and most pervasive digital networks.

By using JEMS as your backbone, other technologies can be enhanced and taken mobile.  Low bandwidth areas that cannot be served using other high bandwidth solutions can be opened to cost saving telepresence saving time, money and improving patient outcomes.

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Temporary Medical Facilities:


Johnson Portables

Johnson Portables offers a rapidly deployable, modular and reusable building system that can replace a damaged facility in a matter of weeks. When temporary medical facilities are needed, a Johnson Portables building can be quickly assembled, used for months or years, then be disassembled, moved and reconfigured for whatever use is required.

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Asset Tracking Solutions:




ARC Healthcare Technologies

As healthcare goes mobile, the ability to move and securely track our expensive assets and equipment in a real time manner becomes more complicated and more important.  ARC Healthcare Technologies grew out of the highly cost competitive manufacturing industry in South Eastern Michigan.  During a period of time defined by extreme cost cutting and aggressive   competition for resources, ARC became an industry leader through innovative thinking and a continuous eye on improving technologies and methodologies.

By applying lessons learned in the manufacturing world, ARC Healthcare Technologies was able to build a set of solutions well suited to rapidly save money and reduce costs in the healthcare market.  ARC Healthcare Technologies has been deployed in some of America’s premier health systems and has been integrated with the major clinical systems providers.

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Resource Accountability Solutions:





Salamander grew out of the need for first responders to quickly track, share and find assets in a fast moving and ever changing disaster support environment.   By using the latest in barcoding, RFID and other technologies, Salamander can help by providing solutions as simple as dynamic secure name badge creation or as robust as a complete accountability infrastructure for regional disaster such as a hurricane or earthquake.

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Self Help Solutions:





Tools for Employee Wellness.

BettrLife is the final piece to your company’s wellness puzzle. Their tools for nutrition, food and activity logging empower your employees to make healthier decisions while easily tracking progress. In addition to powerful self-engagement tools, BettrLife features a fully connected digital health portal for coaches to engage with your staff.

Behavior Change for Improved Results

BettrLife, has a solution that improves both the employee’s wellness, and the employer’s bottom line. By giving employees tools to manage their own health and wellness, BettrLife actively engages users to make positive lifestyle changes.

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